Current Projects

Usable Security
The security research community has become increasingly aware that better usability is a key element to achieve better consumer security. The SPROUT Usable Security Project began in Spring 2006 to increase the usability in security software.
Information-Centric Networking
This project investigates a new internetworking paradigm called Information-Centric Networking (ICN). ICN capitalizes on strengths - and addresses weaknesses - of the Internet's current host-based, point-to-point communication architecture in order to naturally accommodate emerging patterns of communication.
Security and Privacy in Genomics
We address genomic privacy by focusing on a number of important applications: Paternity Tests, Ancestry Testing, Personalized Medicine, and Genetic Compatibility Tests. We investigate real-world practicality and usability of (as well as interest in) some proposed privacy-preserving genomic tests.
Security of IoT, CPS and Embedded Devices
We stay clear of both efficient-but-limited software-based techniques and heavy-weight TPM-based approaches to attestation. We focus on the design space area that has not been previously explored by utilizing a software/hardware co-design approach to architect an attestation mechanism with minimal hardware requirements.

Past Projects